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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gakkai members' experiences/Gohonzon

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The binder of experiences compiled by me, contains some of the most fascinating and profound testimonials from members around the world.

I had sent to more then 13 countries SGI HQ, hoping that the countries, can use this binder to help as many people as possible.

I had sent SGI HQ 3 to USA, 2 to Japan, 1 to Brazil, India, U K, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, M'sia, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia hope that they can use these testimonials to help those person who had serious karmic problems.

Some had replied and thanks me for the book.

I hope to find out more address of those poor countries so that I can send to them this fantastic testimonial book.

So that these testimonials books can benefit more people.


I compiled a binder of experiences with some of the most fascinating and inspiring stories of gohonzon immense power from 42 sources, members from 15 countries. It through sharing this binder I am able to solve my heavy family karma:

1)Escape from been wash away from heavy typhoon.

About a member house hit by heavy typhoon, from night she pray from night until the dawn, all the four hundreds houses were blown away except her and another.

2)Serious mental retardant isnow working.
The struggle of a mother to help his son to overcome serious mental retardation.
About a WD member chanting lots of daimoku and doing lots of activities until her son mental retardation improve until he is able to

3)Recovered from Aids and cancer, happily married and success later success in the arts.
About a lady member who had contacted Aids, chanting 13 hours daimoku everyday, overcoming her aids and cancer, later happily married and became a successful artist, able to have 8 successful arts exhibitions a year, whereas other
artists normally had only one or two per year.

4)From debt-ridden to 10 shops owner
A family doing lots of shakubuku and struggled to paid back the debt they had guaranteed for
their boss in Japan and later own ten shops.

5)With little education, wife blindness and son problems, heavily debt ridden in his fifties met the gohonzon, overcome all his problems later built a skyscraper. The person chant one and the half hour per day to overcome all his problems.

6)Overcome possessed by demons and drug-addictions, and later married a school principal
About a school dropout, at that time of incident, a whole group of children most of them who were afflicted by demons died except him and he managed to overcome it, later he married a school principal and had a successful career.(Photo)

7)From slow learner to
multi-awards winner (arts, poetry, inventions )
About a slow learner who chants more than one hour per day and take part in lots of activities. Who won scholarships, won awards in different fields of endeavors.

8)National multi-awards winning craftsman
A Japanese master swordsmith, who took over his father ailing business and turn it around. Every morning he do a earnest gongyo before he start working.

9)Overcome career threatening injuries to become World Footballer of the Year
Roberto Baggio overcome his career threatening leg injuries, thought of ending his career, later shakubuku by a person and later became the World Footballer of the Year.

10)Overcome family mental illness later become properties developer
A lady with most of her family were afflicted with mental problems, through lots of shakubuku, overcome her problems and own some properties. Have a five stories property. One floor is for members meetings.

11)Engineer won 42 patents.

Engineer through his continue night study won 42 patents through consistent practice.

12)From gangster to professor
A gangster at 12 year old met sensei was inspired by what sensei said, turnaround from the bottom of the class to become a professor later.(Photo)

13)Overcome severe traffic accident with 30% of brain came out, later became a top student. Teacher asked what the secret formula. The mother replied he chant more daimoku then his studies.
The severe traffic accident was so serious that only the third hospital admit him, chant so much daimoku later became a top student.
See photo.

14)Born a polio victim unable to walk the rest of his life, late become a doctor.
About the struggle of a polio victim and his mother who carry him up and down of the mountain to a school to study. Later cured of his polio and able to walk and became a doctor and have a happy family.

15)Stomach and one lung destroyed by cancer, still alive and kicking
Amazing story of the person who asked gohonzon he want to be alive, to take care of his 3 children, even his stomach and one lung was destroyed by cancer.

16)Deaf-mute drive in his works, married a beautiful teacher.
Initial discouragement by his mother, because the gap is too much.
Through his strong determination and lots of daimoku, overcome all the odds to married a teacher and had to drive during his work as a carpenter.

17)36 members overcome family disharmony and work for kosen-rufu.
36 members of a family once lived in disharmony.

18)From penniless to globetrotting photographer.
The struggle of a poor photographer who prosperous and broke a few times, donated his works to kaikan to display for kosen rufu. Later he prospers and travelled around the world.

19)Scholar scientist travels around the world to share her findings.

20)Escaped from been sent to war
Mystically the authorites lost his documents, so he was not sent to go to the Vietnam war.

21)Fisherman who one year work only one month.
A salmon fisherman in Canada needed to only work one month in a year.

22)Breaking the three generations cycle of karmic sufferings etc
Her mother and grandmother breakup with their spouses, she chant and able overcome this 3 generations of karmic sufferings with her husband.

23) A very inspiring story of Kenji Kitahara both amputated, from a serious accidents when he was very young, overcome all odds, to become successful in business, married and raised 3 kids. (Photo)

I had sent the binders to 15 countries SGI HQ for kosen rufu. What's your feedbacks on how to use these binder for kosen rufu. Email me: leonghw@singnet.com.sg

I hope it can circulate around the world and bring more happiness to those who are suffering, in the 60s I gave up faith because of lack of study materials at that time.

Without this binder of experiences, I don't know I can overcome my family such heavy karma. My mother and 3 sisters karmic illnesses.

In my younger days my younger days my mother was so sick, she can
barely walk, she got to hang on to my shoulder, to visit the General Hospital every alternate days.

In the past 8 year my mother had 3 major problems, a operation of the stomach at 73 year old, another operations at 76.

Recently she overcome another serious illness, she was hospitalised more than one month for dengue, at one time she was so weak I got to spoon feed her. My mother is 80 years old now.

It is my earnest wish to share this binder of experience with as many people as possible.

Henry Leong Him Woh

Happiness in Singapore

by Henry Leong Him Woh

My mother brought me to a discussion meeting when I was a few years old in the 1960s. After that, because my mother was very busy with her business as a street seller and because she didn’t understand much about the practice, we had lost contact with the law.

Our family went through very difficult times — my father died when I was very young. All ten of us lived in a one-room rental flat: my mother, younger brother and sister, two older sisters and four nieces and nephews. The room was always burning hot because my mother used to cook all the food for her business. We were in constant conflict and my mother and sisters were suffering from serious karmic illnesses. We lived in poverty.

As a boy, I kept playing soccer to escape from my family problems. In 1986, I met Eric Yeo and he brought me to his leader Richard Sim. I learned to practice Buddhism.

In Singapore our campaigns were home visitations and shakubuku, National Day Parade, numerous cultural shows, and offerings. I kept reading testimonials and various study material to begin to understand the practice and I kept trying to put everything I learned into practice.

Things begin to improve: my mother used to give me $4 per day for helping her to run the stall. Her income then mystically increased to $13 a day on her own; previously she could not increase her income by even a dollar.

As my faith strengthened, I prayed for better opportunities. One person asked me to join Singapore Press Holdings, which sponsored my National Trade Certificate II course in printing. I begin to pray for a bigger place to enshrine the Gohonzon. After two years of practice, I was able to buy a three room flat. This had previously seemed impossible. My mother kept objecting to me buying a house, but after I made some offerings, when I went back home, she mystically agreed. Next, after six years of practice, I was able to buy this private property.

At Singapore Press, I was selected from among my course mates to set the printing rollers — this job needed very high skills. I was also chosen to maintain the machine for the last six months of my course. All these years I had been chanting one hour per day. In my younger days, bicycles and football had been my constant companions, and morning till night I was outside of the house. Some of the skill that helped me solve the machinery problems even amazed myself. I was given the Best Suggestion Award and a token of appreciation and was featured in the company newsletter. I was also given the Printer of the Year Award. The company profits had multiplied five-fold during the time I was there.

I left the company and started my own business. It was doing well until 1997 when I lost most of my money in investments and in getting married to a foreign wife. But, with the Gohonzon, there's no deadlock. My wife and some friends helped me out with the finance. During this difficult period, I went to Geylang Kaikan and chanted up to 7 hours of daimoku everyday.

I went to work as a security man at Toyota. I transferred my knowledge of maintaining and overcoming machinery problems to the mechanic. While I worked there, the company profit multiplied a few times. In fact one of the Toyota claim advisors was asked by the management to buy and cook breakfast for me for free nearly every morning for a few years.

Prior to my practice, I was featured in the newspaper due to my bike skill and ball juggling skill. One year after starting to practice, a TV broadcast also showed me doing some of these stunts. I was able to juggle a football three thousand times with all parts of my body (except my hands) for more than one hour non-stop, without letting the football drop.

Through consistent practice, I am able to have a harmonious family and all my siblings are able to own their own properties. Most of them are practicing. My wife and her family members are also practicing, and we have two cute sons, which makes me overjoyed. I have had the good fortune to holiday in 18 countries.

My mother and my three sisters have greatly reduced their karmic illnesses.

Through struggling in our activities for kosen-rufu, we are able to live a life of happiness and complete fulfillment.

My favorite Gosho was “Unseen Virtue and Visible Rewards.” I am always encouraged by Sensei’s words, that if you struggle very hard for kosen-rufu in your youth, in the future you will enjoy life more than anyone.

When setting our goals we need to keep practicing hard and to make causes toward it. We should never give up trying to have our prayers answered.

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