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Amazing Kallang MRT beside the Kallang River

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The most amazing experiences

What do you think of the binder of most amazing testimonials, which I compiled from 40 over publications around the world.

Inside this binder contain some of the most incredible & intriguing testimonials from the power of gohonzon:

1)  From slow learner to multiple awards winner.

2)  Survived 30 percents of the brain flowed out in a severe traffic accident, later became a top student.

3)  From a career threatening leg injuries to the World Footballer of the Year.

4)  Overcome Aids, and has a successful marriage and became a successful artist.

5)  Lady from a humble background brought up 2 children with honours degrees and  another 2 children with masters degrees.

6)  Overcome mental  retardation and now working.

7)  From heavily debt-ridden to owner of ten shop houses.

8)  Deaf-mute married his healthy & beautiful teacher. And driving around to do his works.

9)  Whole family 36 family members overcome disharmony, and  are practicing faith.

10) Engineer with 42 exclusive patents.

11) Heavily debt ridden man, overcome wife blindness, child problems and later own a skyscraper.

12) From sleeping in the street to properties owner, later donate a whole kaikan for kosen rufu.

13) Penniless & homeless photographer, later became an awarding photographer who travelled to 131 countries.

14) Overcome family mental illness.

15) Man one year work one month only.

16) From gangster to professor.

17) Legless person overcome all odds to run a successful business, brought up 3 children and became a grandfather.

18) A person alive without a stomach and a lung.

19) From a school dropout, overcoming drug addiction and possessed by demons to marry a school principal and many more amazing testimonials that I compiled from around the world.

The important passages of gosho: 
Henry Leong

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fantastic testimonial of a legless man

The very inspiring testimony of a legless man, through sheer determination, chanting 3 hours of daimoku per day, went to lots of activities and doing lots of shakabuku.

Succeed in his business. Married and brought up three wonderful children for kosen rufu.

A severe accident caused him to amputated both legs when he was very young. Through sheer hard work using false legs, trained until he is able to walk as a normal person.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lady from humble background brought up 2 daughters to have honours and 2 sons to have master degrees

I came across this article from the book, Sun of All Seasons Vol II, about a WD went to lots of activities and had the good fortune to brought up 4 capable persons for kosen-rufu.

Two daughters got honours and 2 sons got masters. Published by Singapore Soka Associations.

To be able to bring up 4 children to excel in their studies is rare.My uncle who died in his fifties might be due to overwork trying to bring up 4 children who can study.