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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Summary of some of the most amazing testimonials in The Binder Of Most Amazing Testimonials


After start reading extensively since 10 years old of many biographies of great people, I decided to compile a book about those fixed or immutable karma, it got to be one of it kind, which can motivated others to chant solve those heaviest karma or the most serious karmic issues, like the legless man, demons enter the body, AIDS, man without stomach, polio victim, heavily debt ridden, mental illness and severe mental retardation, divorced numerous times etc. hope it can epoch changing, it is unlikely that I will compiled any new testimonies binders, which don't serve any purpose all, the testimonies which a person read many times will be the secrets to solve all the issues of mankind, tapping into the power of gohonzon.

How these testimonials binders save my family.

My mom was hospital virtually 4 times every year. My 3 sisters were having very serious karmic illnesses. For years I didn't talk to my younger brother and sister. After I started practicing in 1986, I tried very hard to rid my family, of disharmony, poverty & karmic illnesses.

My dad died of illness when I was 5, I was born with asthma, which made my parent suffer alot taking care of me. When I was reintroduced to this buddhism, I struggled very hard for kosen rufu hoping to rid our family of the sufferings. I kept reading to find the most effective solutions to our family karma. Trying to create any causes to rid my family of sufferings

Through chanting millions of daimoku, massive shakabuku campaigns, participating in many activties like funeral rites, National Day Parade, Prop Group, mailing articles to members to encourage and help them to overcome their problems, home visitations, developing members faith and consistent offerings.

My family situation gradually improve, but some of the major problems still not persisted.

One day when I shared with a member  the testimonials binder, who faced with very serious problems. He kept pestering me to get the originals for him to help members to solve their problems and achieve happiness.

I rejected him a few time, later agreed as he was sincere and was facing 4 serious problems like divorce, daughter problems, business failure & sickness etc.

I was astounded, when I saw how soon he was able to overcome all his problems, after he share or gave members the binders.

I had read thousands of testimonials and talk to hundreds of members, many practice very hard yet didn't solve their problem or not solved it so soon and his whole family members are active and some are leaders in the organisation.

He was able to overcome almost all his problems soon, which was at that time almost impossible, and become a grandfather before 40.

So I followed him to give some copies to members, I was surprised after 16 years, my mom kept asking my younger brother, to practice who was a scholar refused to practice, started to practice, his wife started to practice too and soon they enshrined the gohonzon.

My mom who used to hospitalised 4 times every year, was hospitalised  only after one and the half year later, and I was able to communicate with my younger brother and sister again.   http://nichirendaishoninbuddhism.blogspot.sg/2014/05/man-who-overcome-divorce-daughter.html#.VBYedueWtn5

Extracted from the thousands of testimonials that I compiled around the world

Click on picture to enlarge. These testimonials binders were sent to 18 countries through normal mail for kosen rufu. Some of the previous testimonials were taken out and new one were added in.

1. An Amercian starving suicidal dancer, had only 6 weeks to live, was encouraged to pray for his district he take care to grow. His district in the 1960s had only 3 members which is Japanese.

Through constantly quoting the gosho and chanting 3 hours per day and do Shakabuku. The 3 original members became Territory Chief.

Later he married a world famous dancer and both had successful careers together, he extended his life by 30 years, Extracted from the book - Victory in Faith, World Tribune Press - SGI USA 1985

2. A 24 years old divorcee with 2 children, penniless. Chanted 6 and the half hour per day to be a doctor. She chanted to married a  music conductor who is a divorcee too and has 2 children. At first he rejected her, later she succeeded in marrying him and has another child.  Dawn's Early Light - Experiences of Women in NSA, 1989 - SGI USA

4 A lady who had 3 generations of karmic sufferings. Her grandmother lost her husband in the illness. Her father deserted her family.

Now she chanting to overcome her husband severe traffic accidents which he nearly died. She challenged herself to chant for his chapter to be number one.

Overcome AIDS and cancer
5. A lady got AIDS from her boyfriend and had cancer. She chanted 13 hours per day and do shakabuku. Extract from UK Express

She later had a successful marriage and become a successful artist.

From slow learner to multi awards winner
8. A young student who was a slow learner in class was encouraged to chant at least one and the half hour per day. Later  he became a multi awards winner -  the Science Fair Award for his invention of a vending machnine. He appeared in the All American Scholar Directory.
He was recognised as "Artist of the Year" by New York Community School.

His poetry was published too. From Seikyo Times

Mental retardate able to work
9. A WD  member borned a son who was severely mental retarded. She chanted many many hours until now his son able to work.
From the book  Dawn's Early Light - Experiences of Women in NSA, 1989

Man alive with stomach and one lung destroyed by cancer
10. A member who had cancer destroyed his stomach and one lung. Chanted ten hours per day to be alive to able to take care of his 3 children.

Mystically he alive even without a stomach and a lung.

30 percent of his brain were drained out during a severe traffic accident
11. Knocked down by a lorry when he was 3 years old, where 30 percents of his brain were drained out. Through his mother earnest prayers he survived, later topped his classes every year when the teacher asked his mom how he did it.

His mom replied he chanted more daimoku then studying. Published by SGI Taiwan which translated from Japanese Exp

13. Overcome severe family mental illness and later became numerous properties owner.

Lady home protected been washed away by heavy typhoon
14. Lady's home was protected from been washed away in a heavy typhoon, lady from night chanted until next morning. Out of 400 homes left her and another home not washed away.

Photographer who traveled to more then 100 countries
17. Homeless and starving photographer, later won numerous awards and traveling around the world to take photos. From SGI USA

Tina Turner
18. Tina Turner overcome an abusive drug addicted husband and become a multi Grammy Awards winner.

22. Young boy with a group of children when to play in a play. With a sudden eerie sound all the children run away. All the children died except this young boy possibly possessed by demons. From

When to many doctors without success. Later took drugs and dropout from school. Mom took him to see a doctor, said that his son was wasted.

Dropout, drug addicted and possesed by demons
First testimonials in Chinese interviewed in the 80s. Second testimonial in english interviewed in the 90s.

Later through sincere and vigorous practice overcome all odds married a school principal and succeed in life. Eternal Aurora Published by Soka Association of Singapore

27.  Whole family 36 members overcome disharmony, practice together happily. Published by SGI Taiwan

Deaf-mute succeed in life
30. Deaf-mute married his beautiful healthy teacher, despite initial discouragement from his mother. Passed his driving license and driving in the course of doing his work.

Fisherman one year has only one month to fish
34. Fisherman has only one month each year to catch the fishes, every morning before he set off to catch fishes he do a earnest gongyo.

Roberti Baggio
36. Roberto Baggio , was threatened with career threatening leg injuries, want to give up soccer, was encouraged by a member to chant and recovered from the leg injuries to become the World Footballer of the Year. Published by SSA Creative Life

Born unable to walk
40. Born unable to walk, polio victim had to be carried on his mother's back down and up the hill for his education. Try every solutions at no avail, later started to practice.

Spring had came to the family. Succeed to be a doctor married bear a few children and able to drive.

 Published by SGI Taiwan

41. Young lady with near blindness and arthritic condition, went to seek guidance. Was asked to set the only prayer that is to pray for the members she take care happiness and able to overcome all their problems.
Puzzled by the advice, it is she who suffering the illness. Went to kaikan everyday to pray for her members happiness and able to overcome all their problems.

Setting the right prayers to overcome her obstacles in life
True enough she able to recover from her illness. Her boyfriend unexpected asked for her marriage, even she was in a sorry condition. Extracted from the book - Victory in Faith, World Tribune Press - SGI USA 1985

45. From Rubber Tapper to Property Manager. As young school dropout had little money, chanted for to make offering of M$3000. Mystically some of his debtors paid him back the money.

From Rubber Tapper to Property Manager
He donated all his M$3000 except M$4.5 for his transport fare. Unexpectly the court reversed a case which he lost and he got back nearly 8 times the money he donated.

Through his earnest daimoku and developing the Youth Division. Someone introduce him a job as a property agent later he was promoted to a Property Manager drawing around 5 figure income and married a oversea graduate. From the book Creative Energy by SGI Malaysia

From humble background WD with his 2 children got honours and another 2 got masters from scholarships
Sims Lye Pheng Clementi Chapter  Published by SSA  Sun of All Seasons Two page 150, 2007
From gangster to professor
62. From a gangster to a professor. He was a gangster met sensei. Through sensei encouragement he want to be a scientist. Many people laughed at him, his grades were well below average, through determination he eventually excels in his studies. Later he got professor level appointments.  Published by SSA, SSA Times No 216 Issues 24/06/05

63. Lady from humble background to sincere practice, brought 2 children with honours and another 2 with masters through scholarships.

Legless man

Important passages of gosho: http://gosho-passages.blogspot.sg/
65. With 2 legs amputated at 2 years old in a severe traffic accident. Using false legs through sensei encouragement, chanted 3 hours per day to do shakabuku.

Later run a successful business, bored 3 children and become a grandfather.

To be update & continue...


The most amazing experiences of the world https://www.dropbox.com/s/ajsq6j3bbn71mib/AmazingTestimonialBook(cover).pdf?dl=0


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